Wednesday, August 24, 2011

28mm Lasalle game

 Well we had  our first game last night and it was  a lot of fun lots of rule checks and a few things to look up great fun.Sadly left my camera at home , Craig was kind enough to send me a couple of pictures. Neither of us had enough to be the attacker so  we  just put the armies down and started the game, in the end i attacked across the board while Craig advanced and met me in the middle. my attack down the left side with the heavy cav fell to bits as canister ripped them to bit, same happen to my infantyr as they charged the guns in the middle i throw in 8 assualts  and failed 7 killed 1 battalion lost 1 by this time because of the fact we were learning time was nearing an end i lost my heavy cav next turn and then i killed another Battalion a fun first game. I need to do some more cav before next week. visit Craig's blog for more info
I didn't quite finish the basing before the game and my flags hadn't turned up from GMB oh well

Man those Russian are rather nasty they got the bonus 2 dice every time


  1. Outstanding, Class, Etc!!!
    Top stuff Kent, look forward to more.

  2. Looking good! Haven't tried Lasalle, yet. Hope to.

  3. It seems to be a fun game and i think once we get the hang of the rules a fast game

  4. Great looking figs and terrain, Galpy. Looks like a fun game.

  5. I'm reading in my phone and it's difficult to see the pictures in detail but it Lilia terrific gametable and figures. I'm also playing Lasalle recently and I admit to like the rules a lot, although the command system is weak.