Friday, August 5, 2011

28mm Perry French gun crews

Hi guys sorry about there being not to may posts I took photos of the last lot of work and sent the figures away and the pics where no good so I've started my gun crews i bought 10 guns and 2 limbers from Perry Miniatures they are very nice haven't finished them yet but here's the first pics hope you like

Just put on a base coat of blak on the hats will follow up with German grey shade before adding red and gold, the faces still have one more coat to go as well as other bits here and there. Oh and i've just found 6 more figures i undercoated but missed in the paint up poo


  1. They're taking shape nicely, will be looking forward to seeing the finished results.

  2. Splendid shading on the white shirts!

  3. Great work. As AJ said, really like those white shirts.

  4. Yeah those white shirts realy do there thing, but like them all.
    Respect on what you have done here!