Friday, August 12, 2011

Fame's of war birthday bash

My son Justin had three friends over tonight and Craig and i help Justin put on a flames of war games they had a lot of fun Luke and Tom had never played before and Brennan had had one game.

Brennan takes aim and draws first blood knocking out one of Luke shermans while sending his second platoon down the left flank, Justin at the other end advances but gets no hits
 Above Luke advances and fires no hits Brennan then takes out another sherman and the first of 7 kills on lukes infantry he fails 6 in a row before making a save not the best
while below Tom deploy's his m4's and fire 8 shot no hits he advances all his sherman's and takes out a Stug's
Justin in his next turn falls back behind the hill and regroups 

This is the face of a young man that has just failed his seveth infantry save
 It starts to look hopeless for the Americans as all the German tanks move forward for the kill
 the end is very near as there is only one M10 left and that's about to die to Justin IV
the , this is all that is left 3 stands of infantry

 the defeated, the dice just let them down
 the victors, all in all a fun game for everyone. Happy birthday J

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