Friday, February 5, 2010

Brunswick 15mm Napoleonic infantry

All these minatures in both my French and British armies are from Eureka minatures AB range a real pleasure to paint.

The meeting of the lines My brunswicks are on this end and about to kick butt, well they thought they were but instead they got the grubbing.

I love the look, down the row, the Brunswickers heading to their glorious destruction. Just makes you feel as though your there amongst them glad that i wasn't though.

I still have a sharp shooter battalion and a light bataltion still to paint, i've found that 4 just die to quick

I've painted up 6 gunsfor my British army, there are two horse artillery which arn't shown here,
 I was very happy with the final finish with these

Another set of my highlanders finshed thats 4 now only 1 to go to give me a total of 5 Battalions
there's nothing quiet like riding across a battle field to
get those orders to there destination. go the french!!

Tomorrow i will post how I base my newly finished British light Dragoons and post a few snaps of my Brunswick Hussars and KGL Hussars, plus an update on my French commission job which i started this week, I've only made a small dent but thats how you get them done one at a time or in my case usually 50 - 100 at a time it's faster that way.


  1. Beautiful work. I especially like the highlanders!

  2. They're not the easiest to paint but yes they do come out well they are some of my favourite, thanks for the comments

  3. Looking good Kent- do you have any photos of our Shako games?

    I'm sure I have a few lying around I could send you to post