Thursday, February 18, 2010

2mm La haye sainte

This is the last in the series I've gone from15mm to 6mm now to 2mm  and really i had to paint some soldiers tonight just to get me in the mode to finish this lat one.
This last model only measures across and was a real challenge to make and paint and will be my first and last at this size I'll probably get around to trimming the grass down as it's to big for the building.
the three buildings all together

grass is just to big

i hope you've enjoyed my journey through making this building which played such a pivotal role in the battle of waterloo and should be on the shelf of anyone considering gaming 1815


  1. You are definitely barking! Brilliant stuff and thanks for sharing the madness!


  2. cheers keep up the good work over your side

  3. OK, this last one is amazing! You might use Woodland Scenics turf instead of static grass on this size. The turf is finely ground foam and isn't as tall as static grass but would still give you a good look.

  4. I got out a pair of scizzors and trimmed the grass