Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flames of war army for competition

Well  one more week and Day of Days begins the once proud and mighty German army is now on the back foot , actually we've got one foot in the grave, but we're ready to lay down a few more lives for the fatherland.
we have 1200 point armies with the possiblity of  reserves. But if i know my luck thats a slim one.
Below is my list and a few shots of an army that really needs an upgrade my sad looking HMG crews with more paint missing than i think is actually on the figures, I think looking at them they were mortar crew that i cut up so i could scratch some gun crew together for another comp some other time.

1 Panzergrenadierkompanie
Hq with 2 pzf
1st platoon +pzf
2nd platoon +pzf
2 Hmg section
3 Panthers
yes thats it boys and girls just enough to die with glory!!!!

the joy of chipped paint work

And i whipped up a couple of bunkers today as i heard that i'll need them, already have barbed wirer and mine fields.

hope they can keep my hmg's alive for a while longer. Just long enough to mow those russians down, sorry if your out there and russin no offence intended. but wars hell, and a lot of fun as long as it's kept on a 4x6 table.
Cheers guys


  1. Between your liit and mine we are likely get to run over! We might need to see which can kill the most T34/85s over the weekend- panthers or Marders :)

    Looking forward to it


  2. My Boys just notched up there first pre comp win and their morale is high, role on the weekend.

  3. Beautiful paint work, I'm looking to join FoW and armies like this truely inspire me