Friday, February 12, 2010

28mm Vitrix British test figure 2

Well here we are again I'm trying to work down to the best quality and consistent figure I'm happy with all the colours now but need to work on the smoothness of the face, the second layer of paint is still to thick its citadel foundation tallarn flesh, so i'll need to work on putting the right amount of water with it in these photos it's straight no water, which was not a good chioce, the figure looks great to the eye but when taking photos it shows up all the imperfections. Still I'm much happier with this figure than my first, almost ready to start lining the boy's up

you can see on the right cheek a wee lump not sure if it's the paint or on the model.
think it's the paint

think the shoes need a bit more work looking at these pictures


  1. This looks fantastic. The black lining on the belts really makes them stand out.

  2. Very high-quality painting. I'm glad you like Victrix too. I opted for the earlier, Peninsular set. However, I also like the later Belgic shako with cords. I may have to get a set later. Regards, Dean

  3. Very tidy!...interested to read this, I've got some British command to do for a friend and I need to think about how to do the red