Tuesday, February 16, 2010

La haye sainte in 6mm challenge

I was asked can could i make this in 6mm well here's tonights work not sure if i'll attempt to plaster it or not might just head on over to the painting side of things. well here's the first photos.

just to prove i didn't cheat and down size the photo from the bigger building
and yes i think i am completely mad every measurement from the bigger building has been divided by 2.666669 to produce an exact replica for 6mm i hope i got that number right.

I will fill in all the detail with the paint brush, probably will do a watered down wash of something to give the buildings some texture.


  1. Looking good! I'll have a proper look later as I'm at work at the moment...

  2. Ohhh! Very nice! I think if you thinned the plaster with water it might look better, or just brush on paint thickly with a brush. I should make one of these for myself!

  3. Nice model but I think that number should be 2.666668!