Saturday, February 6, 2010

Basing 15mm cavalry

I based my 15mm British Light Dragoons that i finished last night
Here's one of the ways I basing my 15mm figures
first up i place the figures into polly filler on the 3 mm board

then i paint the bases black, make sure they have had 12 hours dry time. I use half turpintine half emamal paint mix this allows the paint to easily soak into all the gaps

I decided to add a for small rocks this time then i decided in the next picture to add some sand,( the sand i used was a bit fine)

After painting everything black i brushed on dark flesh games workshop
then desert yellow
then paint the rocks with german grey, then brush london grey then sea grey to finish

then add some grass flock to finish i've used a couple of different kinds just to mix it up a bit,
heres a few pics of the finished Battalion


  1. Beautiful work. If I could only afford to have you paint some for me!

  2. Lovely painting! Those 15's look like 28's....