Monday, February 8, 2010

British & Highland 15mm Napoleonic figures

Well I've finally based up some more of my British Battalions
 here they are just before the grass goes on.

based for shako 2 these figures are all from the Eureka minatures Ab range. As are all my Napoleonic figures, after painting many different figures from manufactures around the world for others it was an easy choice to select the AB range, they might cost a little more and they might be slightly larger 18mm instead of 15mm they have great detail and very little to no flash to trim off, i will have to admit that i am addicted to painting these wee fellas

35th Sussex Battalion

Here's a couple of close up shots the backpacks and the pants are
 london grey followed by sea grey both Vallejo.

54th West Norfork

South Lincolnshire

Highland Black Watch
Man these were fun to paint but I'm really happy with the end product and i think they will look great on the gaming table.

 More of my Highlanders have to admit i just painted them up
before i did any research


To finish off here's my Brunswick commander
all based and ready to lead the men into battle maybe they will do a little better now
they have a propper commander.


  1. Very nice figures! I was almost tempted to go 15mm for my Naps but the mass effect of the 6mm wins for me every time. Had a look through your blog and particularly like the buildings and the Gauls.

    Look forward to seeing more


  2. Cheers thanks for that loved your sight

  3. Hi Galpy / Kent
    Just popped in to visited your BLOG. Great Stuff!
    I'll add a link at my blog!

  4. Great stuff, I hope there are some highlanders in that big bunch I am getting today...

  5. yes they do look nice they are my favourite