Friday, March 16, 2012

15mm Mycenaean Black Hat miniatures

 Here we have a DBA Army painted for a friend of mine at the club Dave, the miniatures are Black Hat and they have really nice detail the only thing was the spears they are very soft and one broke off while painting, I had to drill the hand and glue it back together. I'm really happy with the end result. It was the first attempt at cow hide shields and it took four to five layers of paint to achieve the look i wanted depending on whether it was a black hide or brown.

 the chariots were real fun to paint great detail sadly the axles were broken on two of them 


  1. A great army! Chariots are great!

  2. Great painting Kent, love the way you've painted the shields!! The Wooden horse is excellent did that come from Black Hat as well?

  3. Great work!

    I really like the shields, fantastic!

  4. Outstanding work on the shields. Very realistic effect on them.

  5. Very nice indeed!! I love Black Hat biblical miniatures, so I have to say that your are beautifully painted!!