Friday, December 20, 2013

My first entry into the Analogue Painting Challenge

 I managed to scrape these together on the first day of the challenge something to get me on the board, I've been painting most nights since and have racked up 23 hours of painting this week, which has allowed me to do something i have been unable to achieve before, but you will have to wait till it has been shown on curts blog, still need some basing but should be almost complete tomorrow, today i started the next batch of figures so it all go but all top secret here
 these half tracks are part of a batch of old fow miniatures that i decided to repaint to fit into my new army
 you can see some damage on the rear half track i think i might paint some battle damage in there


  1. I really likes these and am a little jealous of your skill with vehicles


  2. Very nice vehicles, and great camo, especially at that scale!