Friday, December 13, 2013

28mm modern infantry mix

These will be the last figures painted before i start the Analogue Painting competition they had been half finished for quite a while so thought i should complete them just to get me painting again as i haven't been painting much lately, that will soon change as of tomorrow.
sorry the pics aren't a bit better it started to rain as i was taking them

the resistance 
 some British infantry
 then there's the mercs


  1. Wow great work, looking forward to seeing what rolls off your desk in the next 3 months. It was your blog posts of SYW figures that kept me inspired to complete my Dads retirement present in 2012.
    Peace James

  2. These do look nice, the mercenaries are my favourite


  3. Very nice work! I look forward to observing the contest (from the sidelines)

    Cheers, Simon

  4. Great painting on some nice figures. What make are they?

  5. some are from assault group the merc's i don't know as i am painting them for someone else