Saturday, November 23, 2013

The madness begins Analogue painting challenge prep

 I had some undercoated all ready the rest i based ready for spraying on the weekend
I decided to try and finish off the french before i started any russians or prussians, im going to try and get an entry finished on the first night just for a laugh maybe the half tracks we will see

 there are about 90 french infantry 50-60 acw infantry 2 guns and crew maybe 70 cav a good start

 bit of spray painting was done yesterday all done except the lancers which i glued togther so need to dry. on can of spray down


  1. I need to get my prep work in over the next week or so

    good luck with the challenge!

  2. the advantage of sunny weather for prepping I am trying to get mine done at the weekend because the evenings are starting to get cold....
    Looking forward to watching your Naps evolve
    Peace James

  3. Yes sun does help, we are coming into our summer heat even though it was supposed to be wet the sun came out. It will be fun seeing everyone's projects take shape

  4. Best of luck for the challenge! I'm still waiting for reasonably dry and maybe warm enough weather to get mine undercoated. Otherwise I still have my Airbrush...

  5. Nice bit of prep done there... Look forward to seeing that 1st early entry

  6. That's a nice lot of figures ready.

    I am still waiting for the first part of my Kickstarter to arrive which will be any day I hope then I will have a lot more to prep


  7. This is what I expect from you Kent!

  8. Now what are you planning with that pig?

  9. As always it looks like your off to an impressive amount of figures to do again.