Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 planning

Well another year is about to start and it's time to start thinking about plans for the coming year. 
First up I need to keep my self busy painting my American civil war army , I have around 160 infantry still to do then it's onto the cav and other bits and pieces
there are my Napoleonic French to finish another 200 or more figures there
Polish Napoleonic inf and cav to start
And also I am looking at completely stripping back and reprinting my fow German armies as my painting style has changed a lot since I first started painting.
The biggest difference this year is I will not be purchasing any figures that's nothing at all, this will be very difficult as I love buying miniatures, but I need to clear some space and save some money.
I have cut back my commission work but seem to be painting more miniatures for clients than ever before, but I want to try and slow down my painting on my own figures to see how good I can paint if I really try.
I think all these are achievable even if slightly challenging

Cheers to all that follow my blog I hope you all have a safe and happy new year



  1. To not buy figures would be torture beyond endurance for me. But you've got paying clients to paint for. I think it's a good idea to go back and redo your earlier work. You should take photos of the old work and then photos of the new paintjob and post both.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Nice one Galpy - good luck with 2013; I too, will have to modify my approach and make best use of my time as I think there will be less with career changes looming.
    I think I will try and concentrate on one or two periods only (hmm...) and actually complete a project fully if such a thing is possible ;)
    Anyway, Happy New Year to you!

  3. A very Happy New Year to you, Kent! May all your projects come to fruition.

    I'm also planning not to buy any miniatures, but then I have that same plan every year, and it has never worked out, so far. ;-)

    Cheers, Simon

  4. Happy New Year Kent. Good luck with the goals you have set!

  5. my biggest dream is to paint an army at my highest standard, but I always find that my style evolves so by the end of the army the painting is different. But I still have that dream :)
    Have a great 2013 will continue to enjoy following your work
    Peace James

  6. Thanks guys I'm taking a week off the brushes and taking the family away on holiday will be hanging out to pint by the time I get back

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