Friday, December 28, 2012

whats on the painting table, 28mm

 this week each morning other than Christmas day I've been working for and hour or two on these Great Northern Wars figures they are starting to get there and i hope to have them complete on sunday
 yesterday i decided to paint the seven guns and limber but what is wrong with this limber some idiot decided to glue the wheels in the wrong place, so this morning i cut them off drilled out the holes and glued them back on below is the correct limber

 the figures i did the base coats
 and today i decided to start and almost complete the crew as well as the lads on the limber the pants need a second coat and the jackets need the final highlight then just belts and buckles
So late last night after everyone went to bed i finished the crews and this morning based them so that they will be nice and dry for tomorrow some time to finish


  1. You are as productive as ever! Phew...


  2. Inspiring work as always. The quality and quantity of work by you and the likes of Scott MacPhee truly is impressive. Warm Regards, Dean

  3. Very very nice Kent. Really like the look of the guns and repaired limber.

  4. WoW Kentgood job on these

    I still wonder how fast you are in such a good blast out mini after mini thats awesome...

    tell us your secret :D


  5. Fantastic work. Your a painting machine.