Thursday, September 1, 2011

28mm Lasalle Game French vs Russians

well here we are again those jolly Russians can't help themselves
I've taken French young guards so i have to win well o i'm a gonna

Lined up and ready to go I'm on the defence but seem to forget this and charge off into the distance

They look ready for a pasting don't you think

the russians lined me up and both of us fired away with very little effect

Now we are get in to the thick of it in the next few turns all of the russians were to be destroyed  either by the guns of the front unit
will they never learn charging the guns = death

same thing here they charged my guns and died to a man

my squares only just servived the charge
I managed to destroy one Battalion then get around behind the second game finished before i hit them you can see that Craigs artillery are ready to deal to me but they never got a chance game over French victory viva la France Thanks Craig and Andrew for a fun game


  1. Excellent photos, I like the 11th pic, from just behind the guns, just before they fire and make a bloody mess of the poor advancing Ruskies!

  2. That`s a great looking table with a great looking collection of troops.
    Never did try Lasalle myself though I did read some good stuff about it in various publishings, but it seems to handle big battles quite nicely.

  3. That's a great set of pics and it's good to see so many Perry French on a table!

    Best wishes


  4. Great looking game Galpy. Beautiful figures you guys have.

  5. Wow! Tremendous set and beautifully painted figures; hugely envious.

  6. Impressive looking game, thanks for sharing!

  7. Lovely minis!

    The gunners look like they mean business.


  8. Great looking table. As I recall, it was sometime in the second half of 1815 that the Russians learned to quit charging French guns.

  9. We will learn sooner than that I hope. Next time Kent, next time...

    Not sure what happened to the rest of the Russian battalion charging the guns- it seems to have deserted the field!

    I'm working on a brigade of Jagers now.

    To think a month ago both armies were unpainted lead (and/or plastic!)

    Next time it will be an 8x4 table or a 6x5 so we will see how extra width or depth works out.


  10. Top figures are painted