Saturday, December 31, 2011

28mm Front Rank Imperial guard Fusiliers-Grenadiers

 Here's my next entry into the Analogue hobbies competition they aren't quite  finished yet need another coat on the guns wood work, the hair needs doing and most need  a coat of burnished gold but they now look the part i started these two days ago, which is a new speed record for me. My body is starting to feel the effects of painting nearly 200, 28mm figures in 12 days crazy. I need to make sure that i can last the distance.
 these guys have my new three layer white technique sky grey off white and bright white the difference in the end white is not as stark 
 And here's something different some indians i'll be working on these guys off and on while i'm doing other armies I'm busy thinking about what to do next either ecw 28mm or fow 15mm we will just have to see,


  1. Fine looking unit of Fusilier-Grenadiers. The poses look so much like Front Rank (or vice versa). Best, Dean

  2. I like your Fusilier-Grenadiers. Wonderful painting!

  3. They look great Kent

    Keen to get a game of Lasalle in when you are free