Saturday, August 3, 2013

French troops roll call for the Big Leipzig battle in October

 In total In the battle for Leipzig there will be 356 infantry units, 115 cavalry units, and 91 artillery batteries for the battle. That is 8544 infantry miniatures, 1380 cavalry miniatures and around 200 gun models.other than a few cav regiments and one infantry that has just been based what you see is my contribution to the battle
 i have two guns still unpainted and not all these are actually needed
i'm really happy with the guard artillery even if im unable to get any nice pictures at the moment


  1. That's quite a specacle! Wish I could ever play a game that big - never going to happen at my rate of painting!

  2. That will be one incredible game... I look forward to the photos! Love your Frogs. Cheers, Simon

  3. Cheers guys i am looking forward to it

  4. Fan-bleedin'-tastic army there Kent! :)

    And that is only a small portion of what will be used for the big game, isn't it? How large will the table(s) be?

  5. I am doing Waterloo in 6mm and will have less figures on the table than your game! This is a fantastic looking bunch and I too can't wait for the photo's of the game


  6. sounds like a song coming up for me

    "Dream the impossible Dream.............."

    You all know the rest.

    Well done
    Cheers Chris

  7. Impressive, most impressive! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the game when done.

    Cheers, Ross

  8. Looking good. On game day remember, "Get close, roll good dice!"

  9. That is an amazing sight, fantastic display!

  10. That is simply wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing these!

  11. That's for the game in WellingtonI assume - that's a huge no of guns
    I'm glad I'll be on your side (I'm painting Polish for it!)

  12. Yes i will be trying to sell a few while im there, do you need any front rank polish figures i have some that i haven't painted yet, some are undercoated