Monday, August 21, 2017

28mm New Kingdom Egyptian Chariot boxset

Hi Guys back here with the next installment of my Egyptian army this is the three chariot boxset
really pleased with the way they came ouy . I still need to to the reigns on two of them the red chariot has them done. To do the reigns i used a hot glue gun touched the glue to a piece of cardboard and dragged it along and touched cardboard again, this gave me thin thread of glue. Once dry i cut to the right length and with a tiny bit of super glue glued them both in to place doing the hands end first

 If you have any questions about the chariots or colours used please ask

 Here you can see the difference with the reigns i personally think its worth doing


  1. Great brushwork. They all look great and the blanket on the last really stands out.

  2. Geat looking chariots, sectacular colors!

    1. Hi Phil nice to finally have some photos that actually show off my work instead of the dulling it down