Tuesday, August 29, 2017

28mm Victrix Greek Hoplites first batch complete

Ok so this is my first batch, iv'e actually done a few more but i have a few thought on basing
Hail Caesar say i must have 4 rows of figures 24 figures and maybe i will do this but i quite like three rows myself ok i might add another 3 figures into these guys which will close them up a bit but 4 rows just doesnt do it for me, oh and these figures are not glued onto this base.

For those that don't know and are interested i have been posting on you tube for the past few months
if you subscribe to my channel that would be awesome,
Channel name is 15mm paint shack or type in kent Galpin both will take you to my videos

Really happy so far with the hand painted shields it might take me longer to do but in the end might just end up with 300 completely different shields, i have a few to many red shields in this batch so will swap a few out before a glue down with some green ones that i have started

so i have to put these aside for a couple of weeks and get some figures done and on there way to their owner.


  1. Lovely work on these guys; they look as though they mean business...

  2. Most impressive heads and shields, a wonderful job!

  3. Fantastic work! Your hand painted shields are truly works of art. Stunning!

  4. Cheers everyone I'm really enjoying these Victrix sculpts they are crisp and clean and nice to paint