Sunday, August 20, 2017

28mm New Kingdom Egyptian Spearman finished

 Well I finished my Egyptian army these figures comprise two spearman boxsets
these figures are from Warlord games cutting edge miniatures and have some really nice detail
they are a thinner figure than most but are actually we proportioned and very enjoyable to paint
I hope you enjoy the pictures. 
You can also find my work on youtube under 15mm paint shack or type in kent Galpin
I've posted a lot of other work on there


  1. Very nice - the different units' shields is a nice touch. Anyway, they should be slim after eating all those lentils. History according to the Asterix books!

  2. I do like your beautiful Egyptian soearmen, excellet job!

  3. Absolutely stunning. Best painted Egyptians I've seen.

  4. Cheers guys I have to admit I really love this army, I spent a good few hours painting it and hope that one day it will see the gaming table, I'm trying to decide on what army to do to fight it, if there are any suggestions let me know

  5. Very nice. The figures and basing compliment each other perfectly.