Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the Painting Challange

 I've taken on the Challenge laid down by the Analogue Hobbies web site which you can find on my blog list, the challenge is to paint as many figures as you can between the 20th December and the 20th of March and base them. So after looking through some of my figures and some commissions I've decide to tackle the Romans i have two armies for commissions and all of the rest of my Romans that i haven't started. then if i have any time left i will get back to to my French.

So the totals of figures are as follows
336 infantry
17 Cavalry
5 ballasters
should keep me busy for a while

below, early roman army
 these are whats left of mine


  1. I don't know about your buddies, but I'm wagering you'll take the prize! Good luck on the endeavor and looking forward to seeing the results! Best, Dean

    P.S. You've motivated (i.e. shamed) me into painting up a paltry 24 infantry and 14 cavalry.

  2. Romans....:( lol good luck mate I hope you make it! I cant wait to see them when they are done. I am painting my Romans now having my Auxiliary Cav and Inf units done as well as 1 unit of legionaries. I will be posting them this weekend... I also have an Entire Mid Republican Roman Army to paint as well. I have both Hail Caesar and Clash of Empires to model the armies after and am leaning towards the later so far. Any idea's on that?


  3. I'm going to be in the challenge also and I will be lucky if I finish 1 battalion of 15mm Naps (count as 1/2 figures as supposedly you can paint a 15mm figure faster than a 28mm figure?).

    You are a machine!!!

    Best of luck getting through the lot.
    Awe ra best

  4. just to echo Paul's comment you are a lead machine!


  5. You sir are a painting machine, and good luck to you!

    But the challenge looks like fun, so much fun that I may have to enter it myself!

  6. Blimey, that's a fair bit to get done, good luck in the competition, I hope I beat you!!! ;0)

  7. Oh my word! I wish you the best of luck, at my current rate of progress it would take me all year to get anyway near completion.

  8. Good luck and see you in the challenge as I'm in as well. I won't do anything close to that I reckon, but I'll enjoy watching what everyone does.:-)


  9. It's all fun and games and i'll be poppin in to see how everybodies doing who knows i may go blind tryin to paint all this and come last, actually i don't care if i come last i think it's all great fun. Cheers guys and thanks for the comments

  10. I have been looking over you blog and have found your work to be fantastic. Your guides are excellent, especially the step by step photos. I wish you all the best in your challenge and look forward to viewing more of your work