Monday, December 26, 2011

28mm Romans 2nd batch done

I've based these guys ready for finishing for the comp so once again after the finished picks have been on Analogue Hobbies blog for a day i'll post pics I still have quite a few more to go but they are all well along the way, I have undercoated my Christmas present one  Fallschirmjager company boxset and i dug out of the cupboard 3 marder II's. The only problem now is my wife said tonight "your not going to paint those are you" which we know what that means. I'm going to need to get sneaky or my painting time is going to be a lot less. Actually i have already done two coats on the marders they will need a dry brush before the camo is added.


  1. Good to see some FoW getting a taste of the brush, or perhaps thats spray?

  2. I only spray the undercoat after that the boys are in for a good brushing

  3. Ahh Kent you had better yield to the greater authority in the house, I do know what happens when that is not done... ;) Very good work mate.



  4. I thought it was all going too well! It would appear that you need to spread yourself more evenly around the household. But we all know that those Marder II's will be constantly calling you back to the painting table. Good luck my man.

  5. They're looking great; coming along nicely. Best, Dean

  6. I think I need to ask the powers that be at your house to stop your painting for a while to let me catch up!

    Looking great too, don't forget those pretty French of yours either!