Friday, October 21, 2016

For Sale 28mm Napoleonic army Post 2 Cavalry

these lads have never seen the gaming table so are crisp and clean
Cuirassier Heavy cav
Perry Metals

 The rest of these lads took a bit of a pasting while travelling up to wellington 
so i've been repainting them, i will recheck all bases whether
 cav infantry or artillery and clean up any paint chips before they are sent.
these lads have seen a good amount of gaming but are 
still in great condition as you can see.

Polish Lancers
Front Rank Metals

 Empress Dragoons
Front Rank Metals
I do have another 4 of these just undercoated which i'd throw in

 these guys are still actually on the repainting table i am going to repaint their skin and also finish of the repaint of the bearskins all chips on bases will be touched up as well

  Chasseurs à Cheval
Front Rank Metals

I would prefer to sell all the figures as a whole army
If interested you can email me at

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