Monday, July 5, 2010

Spanish 15mm army finished

Well i finally made it thanks Chris for putting up with my slow progress on this one.
On Saturday i decided it was time to finish this army so i set to work and after another four hours work last night its all done. In the past few days I finished 4 BAttalions of infantyr the artillery crew 7 workers and 7 cav command figures. Hope you like them Chris i will box them after i've done this and send them to you tomorrow.

De Jean
2 of 3 Battalions of 16 figures

De La Corna
1 Battalion

2 0f 3 Battalions

Artillery crew



So thats it for these boys on to the next


  1. Wow, when you see it all together, they really do look like a lot of work! I finally primed my Jena Prussians and will starting doing them after I finish the French Art. Batteries you got me if trade. I also put together, mounted and primed the Jena Prussian Cav. I got in the trade with you. Now I am looking at colors etc. The reason why I bring all this up is that the Jena Prussians look a lot like the Spaniards that you have done, having a bicorne etc.. Anyway cheers and have a great week mate!

  2. Hi Galpy, what a fantastic job, worth the wait!!

  3. for some reason any message left on this page seems to disappear so lets see if my message stays

  4. Take a bow ol boy that is one mighty fine effort, you must have blisters on the eyes knocking of that lot so quickly. I see your cracking on the Austrians as well! Hope you don't get an itch, wont be any time to scratch it.

    pig aka fig

  5. Those are really great looking and well painted minis!

  6. cheers thanks for that, i'm looking forward to a bit of 28mm work coming up for a change