Saturday, September 18, 2010

todays work

What do you think add a few roof tiles on the floor

Well i decided to pick up the paint brush again and firstly finish the 28mm House that i started this week by putting the roof on then i decided why not start the 15mm Britons job there are 13 Chariots 97 infantry plus command figures and two bags of cav so a wee bit to do

Oh and i'm also working on syw Austrians again and i also undercvoated my 28mm Germans


  1. The house looks great.
    Don't you ever get sick of painting? ;)
    It seems as if you spent every minute of your life painting. Something i can't. I sometimes get bored with it and have to lay down the brush.

  2. The house looks great - I would add some more broken roof tiles and maybe some fallen roof timbers.

    It's also fun to make some 28mm scale furniture - since the house of a ruin the firniture doesn't have to look "good"

    Excellent work. I like the cereal bowl in the second picture!


  3. Wow - yes, agree with everyone else, that house ruin is great. I had to scroll the initial post about it to be sure it wasn't a resin-cast model. Well done, as always. Dean

  4. Actually Hein i have a really busy life outside of painting as I am an Elder in a local church and run the Kids church and am part of the band as Craig who i play against now and again and he'l say that I'm always busy doing other things, I paint fast, and its what i do to relax.

  5. I'll add some roof tiles and maybe a beam or two still want it to be usable for wargaming, oh and i'll add broken glass to the windows

  6. That looks absolutely terrific, Galpy. Fantastic stuff. A really practical model, with loads of room to get figures in and a higher level to gain height advantage. And I'm sure it was fun as well to make. Looking forward to seeing more! Sidney