Sunday, September 26, 2010

fun tryin to blow my kids out of the water

A box turned up on friday and it had a hundred sixty or more ships in it from the game pirates of the Barbary Coast. So today i took on my kids Justin and Nicole, My daughter she went after all the gold while my son and i gunned it out on the high seas what a fun game, I'm taking it down to the club this week to se how it goes.
here's just a few, there are heaps of these things

And this was what was left of my fleet of seven ships i took some fast runners with not a lot of firer power but boy could they move, when they were caught to the bottom i went, i did get my big guns into action and inflict a good deal of damage but just couldn't finish him off


  1. Looks like a fun game .... how is the rule system ?

  2. movement is done on the card that you pop the ships out of either long edge or short edge or a combination of both depending on the ship each ship has its own speical rule and the number of masts is the number of dice rolled for can fire. on each mast it has a red or white dice the white is short and re long distance and you have to role higher than the dice shown on each mast to hit a hit means the other ship loses a mast, there are rules for boarding taking ships collecting treasure raming and much more. It is a real fun game