Monday, October 31, 2011

28mm ww1 Germans progress report

 These  guys are coming along not quite there but getting closer
I'm working on the ground tonight, I want it to look quite muddy and wet 
so after three layer of paint I've now added a brown dye. the picture at the bottom is a test figure with 
a thin layer of wallpaper glue that dries clear well that's what i'm hoping for i will add the odd tuft of dry brown grass and maybe  a couple with very dark green grass  but i don't think i will add any static grass. Have to see what the client say when he see's my end result.

 How will it dry i'll let you know later


  1. Looking good. What rules are you planning on using? Our next game, that I am running, is WW1. We are using "The Great War" rules but I am keen to check out "Through the mud and blood" rules.

  2. they are a commission job sadly they won't end up on my table very few of what i paint does

  3. Quantity and quality....very World War One Germanic! They look really super!

  4. I don think your client will have much to complain. They look great.

  5. Excellent painting, love the dirt/rust effect on the gun!!

  6. Man you sure are a painting machine. I truly wish I could paint as much as you do. I start to work on my 15mm Nappies then see my 28mm's sitting there and start to work on them then I see ECW etc etc etc... I never get to finish an army...grrr Well not really but close :)