Friday, December 31, 2010

Well here are the totals for what i painted for 2010 and whats next.

Man it's been a busy year lots of painting i don't think there was hardly a week that went by that i didn't need to put paint to paint brush, lucky that i enjoy painting a lot and lucky that my wife is very good about my painting. The stocks of paints are a bit low so there will have to be a new year shop in Christchurch sadly the local shop has closed.

307-15mm Cavalry
1542 -15mm Infantry
13 -15mm Chariots
12 - 4 Horse Limbers
2 - Ming rockets
19- 15mm Guns each with 4 crew
2 - 4 horse wagons
1- 2 horse wagons
347 - 28mm Infantry
12- 28mm guns with 4 crew each
3 -28mm Wagon 4 horse team
68- 28mm Cavalry
42 Stands 10mm Infantry
1- Giant
1- 28 vehicles
6- 28mm buildings
3- 15mm Buildngs

So whats in line for next year well for starts
12 more ECW cav.
1 DBA Indian army
2 boxsets of fow IV tanks and 3 marders
lots of 28mm cowboys and indians around 100
more wild west building started water tower and Saloon
around 160, WW2 28mm mix German, US paras and british
300, 28mm Romans
Heaps of 28mm Syw Austrian and Hanovarians
Large 28mm crusader army
So that should keep me going for quite a while.


  1. Do you know what Galpy, for a minute there I could have sworn you said that you had painted (among other things)1542 15mm infantry!!!??? Respect to you, mate (and your good lady):)
    Have a great 2011 too,

  2. therer wer some very large 15mm Naps armies kept me very busy for the first half of the year, have a great Year yourself as well

  3. Holy Moly. What a massive painting effort in 2010. Now you have to beat it in 2011. Happy New Year.

  4. This is what i call "large number of painted mini's". ;)
    Have a wonderful 2011.

  5. How many cavalry and infantry!!!!? That´s a heck of a lot without all the reat you´ve done!
    Here´s wishing you A Happy and equally productive new year

  6. My God! That is a serious amount of lead (and plastic!) coated! At my current rate I would live long enough to paint that much!
    Have a great 2011 and if you beat that total you deserve a medal.
    All the best

  7. Yes its been a busy year and i intend on slowing down a bit work on my technique, always more to learn, i'm moving away from 15mm to 28mm in the most part. There will be the odd commission and my fow but there's always something to paint.
    Cheers guys

  8. Well done. Your numbers have me beat!