Tuesday, December 28, 2010

28mm front Rank Austrian syw Hussars finished based

This is another commission unit for Regs Austrian Syw army that i am painting for him i found this one to be quite interesting as the only pictures i found were on the internet and they didn't show the horses. Hope i got the right. I really enjoy painting these front rank figures they are so well sculpted.

I started my next commission yesterday which is 24 ECW 28mm Cav  so will hopefully have some pics up soon out tonight testing Craigs FOW army for the world champs smashed it last week but if i know Craig he'll come back and beat the live day lights out of me.


  1. Very nice unit, you've done a fabulous job on these. Still trying to get through my cav unit!!!!.

  2. thanks guys i'm really pleased with the way these lads turned out

  3. These are stunning. You have done a great job here, credit to your efforts.

  4. Very nice...stunning colours!!!