Thursday, December 16, 2010

28mm front rank Austrians this weeks work so far.

 On Saturday i started by undercoating two wagons 12 hussars 4 guns and crew I did a small amount of painting on Sunday and hit the brushes hard on Monday and Tuesday night so what you see is around 9 hours work.

firstly 2 12 pdrs and 2 6pdrs still a small amount of work on the black metal to go and some writing on the officers paper as well as highlighting on the black parts of uniforms

these wagons are to be objectives one per objective i still have work to do on the barrels in the wagons

then the hussars they are at basic stage two coats on the faces done one coat on all horses pants and started coats.

once these boys are finished i think i'll head back over to my 28mm cowboys as well as 24 28mm ECW cavalry for a friend of mine.


  1. Excellent painting, and I'm glad to see you moving through these at such a good pace!

  2. Sweet! I always had a soft-spot for frontrank and your clean painting does them great justice.

  3. Wow - lot's of great painting going on. Impressive and inspiring. Dean

  4. thanks for the comments guys, front rank are a real nice figure to paint

  5. Great looking figures Kent,
    Really amazed at your pace of painting and building. Well impressed.