Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dixon 25mm old west

I've been doing the odd bits and pieces on my old west figures and buildings (which are scratch built)
so here's a few pic's
All the minatures Are dixon they are real nice love the sculps for the horses

Finally finished a couple of buildings

As you can see a long way to go The barn is finished and the out house the rest are in varied stages

This fella needs some eyes and i'm going to redu the writing so it can be read

This is my first plains indian i'm trying to get the skin to look different than the white man he's still not quite complete


  1. All great figures and well painted. I really like the wagon

  2. Thanks i'm really pleased with the way it came out

  3. Really like the Old West. I have to get into that. Great work on the buildings.

  4. Love the wood effect on the wagons, the colours are very authentic, nice work!


  5. Excellent miniatures and a great site. I really enjoyed lookign at your pictures.. So much so in fact that I be followin' now.

  6. thanks for your comments all i need to do now is finish my next block and get the pics up