Thursday, November 4, 2010

28mm wild west Hotel started

Well i decided to put down the brush tonight and then went mad ordered nearly 100 pounds worth of Dixon old west minatures and then sat down and started to build another building for the town. I'm hoping to build around ten different buildings I've built the barn an out house and nearly finished the small hotel.

Well you've got to start somewhere right only 8 buildings and a couple of smaller ones a water tower fences and who knows what else to go, all in the name of fun.


  1. Warning - creating this old west skirmish terrain is addictive!

  2. looking real good...remember once you start, its hard to stop

  3. I'll right a wee how to on the next one i do hope that will help

  4. kent, these are amazing... really just splendid!


  5. Looking good Kent- they will really raise the standard at the club!

    Can't wait to try out the rules


  6. Beautiful ..... will add a great look to the game