Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hungarian Haller regiment syws 28mm figures finished based

I based these guys yesterday and finished them just now after having a really good win down at the club Fow 4 guys 3000 points per side My two tigers did some real damage and the Mark IV finished the job while dale delt to the other side of the board with his armoured infantry.
These guys are part of Regs Austrian Syw army all front rank figures been try to do a Regiment each week lately and these Hungarians allies is this weeks work. The Hungarians really add some nice colour to the army.
I'm really please with the way they have turned out and hope that they fight as good as they look


  1. These are looking beautyful.
    I love the banners.

  2. That was quick! They look superb, very nice painting and basing.

  3. If they play as good as they look then I feel sorry for your opponents.

  4. Really impressed how your army has grown,
    Always liked Hungarians with their blue strides and these are excellent!.