Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Victrix 28mm British day 5

Here we are again other than a few small little bits here and there they are finshed
Need to get back to finishing that french army comission job.
below are a few shots of the basing and final look.

then I added the flock which i really need to invest in some
different kinds so i can get a better finish

I took these photos at night will ask my friend to take a couple of pics
 for me see how they come out


  1. Wonderful figures. The basing is top notch as well.

  2. They look very, very good Kent

    Dave is talking about starting some 28mm skirmish using Sharpe Practice- they'd be ideal :)


  3. I'm hoping that they will fit the bill for his skirmish rules, I have anothe 20 figures yet to make so if i have to base a few different i can

  4. We will have to get some sort of game in during the holidays so I can check out your latest work in person!


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