Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to paint 28mm french figures

 In this post I'm not going to go over how i paint faces i will leave that to go over in another post, The idea with this is to show you how easy it is to get a great finish on you figures.

The first step is to wash the figures to make sure that they are clean of any residue then undercoat in a flat black.
All paints are either Gw or Valleji
I start with the flesh first ( i will cover this later)
1.)then apply the dark Prussian Blue to the all areas needing blue don't leave any black areas other than edges eg. of coats belts...
2.) then apply medium sea grey to any area that will end up white
3. appy intense blue  leaving samll amounts of bard blue to show through.
4.) apply flat blue as the second highlight use sparingly on raised areas only
5.) apply white over the grey leaving small amouts of the grey to show through. ( there are heaps of pictures on the web that you can use to see how pants are painted for referenc as well)
6.)apply black red to all areas that will end up red
7.) paint blood red leaving small amounts of back red to show through i repeat the red when dry on small areas this brightens these areas of red a bit more.
8.) apply shinig gold to the gun and buckles
9.) apply scorched brown to gun hair and pack
10 .)apply bolt gun silver to gun barrel
11.) apply calthan brown to hear and gun
12.)apply british uniform brown to pack
13.)apply orchar yellow highlight to hair
14.) sometimes apply a third highlight of pastle blue  around pockest
15.) apply burnished gold  as a highlight to the shining gold on the gun
16 Paint shade areas on black with german grey

the last two photos of the drummer you'll see he's not quite finished yet but i like him.
Any questions just ask and i'll try to let you know
link to Eureka minature in US


  1. Galpy,
    Very nice tutorial! I was wondering what you used for paints, you use the same mix I do. I am hoping to get some foundry paints but I think I mentioned that already.

  2. Excellent tutorial - thanks for taking the time to organize all the steps. Your process is a bit more involved than mine, but the results are better so I'll give it a go!

  3. It's all about getting nice figures on the table once you start doing it this way it just becomes second nature.