Saturday, April 24, 2010

15mm AB romans

Nic from Eureka minatures sent me these romans with a selection of other figures
I must amit I am a AB junkie i just love their Napoleonic range of figures but have not looked into the other ranges before, I paint a lot of Ancient armies for other people and once again i have to admit that AB have done it once again  these figures are beautifully detail but still easy to paint.
So here are a few shots of them I haven't based them for a gaming system but just thought they might look nice this way.
For all you guys in America here's your link to buy AB minatures in the US


  1. Galpy,

    Talk about my good fortune??? LOL You have AB freakin sending you miniatures for free to paint, hell I will take your "luck" over mine...LOL

    I wish!!!

  2. I hope you know that previous comment was just a nudge so to speak... Just making light of the fact that I can not go out and get AB mini's anywhere other than ordering them from the UK or Australia/NZ or wherever they are... And paying a ton due to exchange rates of currency...

  3. Nice work Galpy - They look great on a FOW base. Good to see a fellow Kiwi wargamer getting his work out on the web. Im only just getting into this Blog thing so my plogs real basic but feel free to check it out.