Monday, April 19, 2010

15mm French Napoleonic : comission update 9 light infantry

I started the last of this commision the light infantry so here a a couple of pics of how i paint them haven't got far yet as i am painting them in my lunch time at work 30min a day

First a coat of prussian blue
and tartan skin games workshop
looks pretty bad at this stage

then some intense blue. normally i would paint another highlight of flat blue to finish but not this time as i want them to stand out a little from the rest of the army

then I've paint the highlight for the face with elf flesh
it will get a small lick of ink around the nose mouth and eyes but not to much
I have around 72 at this stage next will be in lots of 18 with cuffs and colars that sought of things


  1. very nice,
    It's alway good to see how people go about painting up their units. They are beginning to take shape already.

  2. Yes i just down loaded from the victrix site how artmaster paints his 28mm british becuse i want to improve my faces

  3. very neatly painted - good point about the faces this is where I know I need to improve. If they don't have a moustache then I'm lost!



  4. For me if the face doesn't look good who cares what the rest looks like but if it does the whole figure just perks up.

  5. Nice pics and blog. Im already getting some good tips on how to paint my 15mm AB's



  6. Thanks if there is anything you want to see or know painting wise just let me know and i'll do my best to do a post on it

  7. Kent, I admire your dedication! Painting at lunchtime, you are nuts!

    I hardly have enough time to paint my own stuff, let alone spend all my spare time (and lunch breaks) on commissions!

    Hopefully you'll be free one night next week to test out Lasalle- maybe at the club so we can generate some interest in 15mm Napoleonics