Friday, April 23, 2010

28mm french Eureka minatures

As i said i have been working on my faces a nd here's my final product
this guys at stage two

stage one i've done all the faces

this guy below is stage two base colors for the blue and white

just a couple of shots of the boys i've finished. All the flesh has been done and i'm now onto the main part of the uniforms they should all look like this fellow in a week or so. Depending on what happens around here


  1. Galpy,

    Nice work!!! you have a good eye so to speak... and really nice attention to detail! Bravo!

  2. Nice work. I really like those figures - they have good sculpted details; especially the buttons. I would like some French in gaiters. All the 28mm plastics have guys in campaign trousers only. Dean

  3. yse they are real nice I just mentioned to my wife that I will be building an army with these boys

  4. Great work Kent,
    Your getting through a ton of stuff in all different sizes and to a nice finish. These are excellent. I have stacks of 28mm napoleonics to finish up (elite and essex) and have struggled. Well done!!

  5. I wish i had more but these are the only french i have and thats because Nic at Eureka gave them to me to paint and put on the blog. He's hooked me on 28mm i must admit i love them so nice to paint