Friday, April 30, 2010

Xyston 15mm commission

Well this time we have a small commission mix of  Macedonions greeks and spartans. the spartans are to be painted up as thebans. Xyston are a very nice figure to paint and if you're thinking 15mm ancients you can't go wrong with this company.

first things with the xyston figures is you need a really small drill bit and then drill out the hands they have spears that you can cut to length. but remember the spaears don't come with the figures you buy them separately.

So here we are with my test figure I've painted the base coat of skin and blue on most of the 16 Hypaspists.


  1. Nice work. Looking forward to seeing the unit finished.

  2. Ohhhh! Very nice. Now I need to save up even more money....

  3. Good Stuff Kent,
    What a coincidence I have just went and bought a huge army of Xyston Greek figures last night from a friend (60 packs of the little buggers!)
    Will follow your progress with interest.

  4. He looks great Kent- can't wait to see the whole lot done!