Sunday, April 4, 2010

Victrix 28mm British day 4

Well day 4 turned out to be a day where i found it hard to get near my paint brush but i did manage to finsih 16 figures of the 35th regiment and nearly finish the other 16 of the Kings own regiment, found that i had miss counted and need  another drummer and flag bearer so started those today
In the next feew photos the figures have had their final coat of off red almost pink second highlight of gold cuffs and colars done  and rifles finished
not sure what i'm going to do with the bases as i have never done 28mm basing before

Some might have noticed that i put the wrong flag on this command stand
I will swap it out and repaint the cuffs and colar and put it with the stands below.

Also noticed in this picture that the sash needs its highlight

this picture was taken before i did the extra highlight of gold on the hat
the photos above have that highlight

I managed to paint up both figures that were missing heres the drummer lots of work still and finishing work on both figures.


  1. Very nice G,
    My brother and I are painting up some perry 25/28mm ACW and naps at the moment too.

    We have took the easy route with army painter highlighting afterwards.

    What size base are you using? We opted for 40x40 for 4 figures and just bought them ready cut MDF.

  2. I cut them 40 deep by 45 wide

  3. Very nice job. I reckon a good red is actually hard to achieve (a reflection of the endless debate from the 'experts' as to what constitutes the 'right' shade of red perhaps!) - so I like what you've got here. They will look great on the table. Really liked your scratch-built La Haye Sainte too!


  4. Yip looking really good G, and I agree a good red is hard to find and you have done them proud!.

  5. Thanks guys it's something i'm working on sadly with these guys i diodn't realy leave enough of the darker red in the crease to get a deeper effect to the uniform.

  6. Nice stuff, Galpy! I just started updating my horribly out of date blog. I haven't done too much 28mm, but yours look great. I may be convinced to do some sort of 28mm diversion, if so, I'll look to you for advice :) Great looking figs!