Friday, April 16, 2010

french 15mm Napoleonic Infantry commision update 9

As i said before I'm almost at the end of this commission job
It's taken me longer than normal as i hurt my back in the middle and had to take three weeks off
here we have 8 Battalions of 16 figures, I've also finishe aanother 23 figures that are mainly command figures. they are painted to wargames standard. I have 7 Battalions of light infantry left and hope to have them finished in the next two weeks. I will take them off the card and send them to John so that he can base them to his standard. this is the third Napoleonic army I have painted for john and i also sold him my British so he is really building a large collection of Naps.

As I said before htere are multipal manufactures which has made painting this army very interesting
The hardest would be the battleline figures as the detail is very hard on the brushes and i have gone through 2-3 more brushes than normal.


  1. Your 'wargames standard' paint job is much nicer than mine! These are very nice.

  2. I wouldn't be to hard on yourself your figures look really nice

  3. Those look really great. I've done some 1/72nd in the past (a set of Airfix French Napoleonics when I was a kid, in fact), but never done 15mm. I don't recall doing shading on 1/72nd - do folks shade 15's? Your work is very impressive, in any case. Dean

  4. Not sure if most people do but i just like the effect that it gives and its not that hard when you work out how its done it mainly comes down to the pick of paints

  5. Wow that is a lot of French infantry to be painting in one lot! I hope your back is doing better, so that you can deliver them to the owner...?

  6. thats just 8 of 25 Battalions of infantry plus 9 cav battalion 17 guns crew and 11 limbers only 7 Battalions of light infantry left to do and I'm about a third of the way through them