Friday, October 15, 2010

The weeks work 15mm Britons and 28mm syw and a cromwell

Well this week i did a bit of everything played flames of war Mid week prep for up and coming comp. painted 15mm last night and then an hour of 28mm to finish, and i've been painting the horses for the 15mm Britons in my lunch time as well as starting my first 28mm cromwell lots of fun and still there seem no end to figures waiting to paint. I ordered 25mm dixon wildwest this week around 40 minatures and a chuck wagon plus stage coach and a rule set from foundry. Just something else on the shelf for painting. In the above picture is over 100 finished Briton infantry. I've almost finished the horses  for 14 chariots so time to glue up the next batch of this commission.
Still have the tracks and a few more bits to do yet maybe some mud would be nice.

first coats of colour started long way to go.

As i said in a earlier blog i've started 96 figures I've one final highlight of skin to do and then that parts done,


  1. How do you do it? All those figures in so little time. I'm yet to discover the art of "FINDING TIME", seems like yesterday was only Monday.
    I'll be watching the progress of your 96 figures. Great stuff mate!!!

  2. That's a LOT of painting done. Wow!

    I like the warband. It took me a 6 days to paint 24 of those earlier this year!

  3. That would take me 12 months to paint all that lot.

    Really like the Cromwell. Great job.