Sunday, October 3, 2010

Artizan 28mm US Paras

I've been busy painting figures for everyone else so it's nice to see a few of my own coming along, even though i'm not happy with the faces on some of them, and i'm working on getting the German camo to look nice not happy with the first attempt , second looks much better but the pictures i took look terriable so you'll have to wait till next time. there are still the odd bit here and there still to do like the odd knee pad or elbo pad but other than that this is the begining of my 28mm army.


  1. They look really nice.
    If i have some negative comments. I hope you don't mind. ;)
    Paint the bazooka the same color as the helmets. Bazookas weren't metal colored.
    I would have painted all the models the same style. All para were wearing a jump suit. The once with the brown trousers don't fit in well.
    But of course it is your army. :)

  2. I must admit I thought the bazooka was wrong and i to like the others better but these are just a test run the real army will hopefully be turning up in the mail this week,And i like it when people point out my errors, Thanks

  3. You've done a great job with the shading on the uniform coats. I agree with the others who have suggested the pants need to match the coat and the bazooka is helmet green. Small details, but they'll make your units look better when fixed.

    I think the faces look awesome.


  4. Sorry, no negative comments from me... I really like the faces, and the bases, and the jackets/pocket highlights, and pretty much everything else! Great work overall!

  5. The look really good, love the bases , shading and especially the faces (really most difficult part for me). I have been painting myself several Screaming Eagles squads past summer. Researching on the colour of metal pieces (bazookas, rifles, carbines, mortars, etc) I found several sources stating that they were a kind of green. I'm using Brown Violet from Vallejo (ref 70887). I also strongly recommend using some decals (US flags and 101/82 badges). It's a very nice and quite effective touch. I got mine from The Wargames Command Post in the UK, (, nice serious guys. Congrats again.

  6. thanks for the comments guys i have decided to repaint the pants as suggestd and ad some badges but i will paint them on instead of transfers

  7. Very impressive. I like what you have done.