Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Artizan 28mm Germans

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I decided to extend my wee break from commission work today and did some of my Artizan Germans that i picked up off trademe, they're starting to come together still abit to go yet but they are starting to look the part

I based this fella when i did the US Paras

This was my first attempt at camo and to say i was less than please is an understatement. As you can see he came with a broken gun so i probably won't bother to repaint as he will get shelved.

Second attempt was much more pleasing on the eye,
Let me know what you think


  1. I think they look great.
    The 2nd Camo looks best.
    Here are 2 links from the FoW website on how to paint SS camo. It is for 15mm but i think you can also use it for 28mm models. Maybe it helps you on painting Camo.

    SS Pea Dot Camouflage

    Waffen SS Plane Tree and Oak Leaf Camouflage

  2. Good looking stuff. Hein's suggestion at the camo link will definitely work for the 28mm ...

  3. Impressive, a feast for the eyes.

  4. Nicely painted figs
    no Sleeve eagle on the 2nd figure as he is waering a zeltbahn, hiope that helps