Thursday, March 10, 2011

28mm Early Crusades update 2 sheild designs

Still working on these guys must say it's a slow process but enjoyable I've mainly been working on the foot but did start the cav today one thing i do like is all the colour it should lookreally nice when finished and i'm already planning my next purchases to add to this army then on to the Muslims

As you can see still more to do.  most of the hear and the boots have only the first coat on the and then there are bits here and there that i have to finish off.


  1. Looking great love the shield work, must make a nice break from SYW
    Peace James

  2. yes but the syw work is crying out for me to start again, it is a never ending commission but enjoyable

  3. those are beautiful, nice work

  4. Nice work. I must say, that figure with what appears to be a floppy hat is a very interesting one. Regards, Dean

  5. Excellent work Galpy, this site is full of great stuff, I to love the shield, another period I would love to do, but so many projects already, you are very talented.


  6. Great work, I love the shields as it seems does everyone else!!