Saturday, January 12, 2013

painting desl wip /finished

 Here are the French just before i find out that i have based them wrong so off they come and start again
the Spanish below have been sitting around half done for to long so i decided to complete them and they should be finished along with the French by tonight 
 the rebasing begins 
Now after three coats of paint the bases are ready for grass

I decided to base the rest of the Roman army up and have now base coated the lot and started painting the Armour first coat on half done. there are quite a few cav already undercoated in a box somewhere i thing i'll do them last.
I'm also working on three battalions of British syw. Decided to do them all at the same time, just want to get them done and off my table.
so with all this and my acw that i'm doing things are very busy at the moment. i head back to work Monday not sure if that means i'll get more painting or less painting done i suppose we will soon see


  1. I do like the revised French basing arrangements, Kent! Simon

  2. I agree. The new basing looks much better. Can I expect some Spanish light foot to join the Carthaginians this week? I'm already looking forward to the rematch.

  3. Yes the Spanish are completed and ready to hit the fields running

  4. Great stuff, you have plenty to keep you busy :)
    Peace James

  5. Really like the look of the French. Hope tomorrow is not too tough! After a couple of days back at work you will think you never left!!