Sunday, January 31, 2010

Xyston 15mm Thracians

Another army i said good bye to last year had a lot of fun painting these guys.

The cavalry: Id have to say I like cav i enjoy painting them and of course seeing them charge across the battle field and terrorise the enemy, oh the joy.


  1. Excellent work - I'm amazed at the pattern detail on the shields and tunics - very impressive.

  2. Excellent job, well done
    Xyston is such nice kit, but I cannot pint it fast

    I have some of the same Xyston Thracians as shown here part painted but I was stuck needing more inspiration

    You may have just provided that :)


  3. These little Thracians look good. I've been working on a DBA army of Dacians for about 3 years now. It was my first venture into painting 15mm. I've found I'm more of a 20mm - 28mm man, but I do enjoy looking at nicely painted armies such as yours.Good job on those shields and capes.