Thursday, May 10, 2012

28mm work bench WIP update

 This is the first of four Battalions of Hanoverian Cavalry these are dragoons
I've also been working on my French but this is enough for now, back to the painting
 This is a very early photo of An Aventine miniatures elephant  and crew plus one, I've been working on the elephant tonight and it looks a lot different all ready
 I've finished the Hanoverian Artillery this last 3 guns make a total of 9 guns
Sadly the photos don't show the detailing on the grey of the gun  


  1. What a wonderfully diverse painting queue you have Sir! The Hanoverian Cavalry look great, but I'm really looking forward to seeing more of the elephant.

  2. Very nice, with a preferance for the artillery!

  3. I follow you Hannover project and I very much like it. can't wait to see the first group-shots.

  4. Very nice. Especially like the artillery battery.

    The Aventine elephant has always looked like a great model so it'll be interesting to see your finished paint job.

  5. very good works in preparation!
    I like the artillery too!
    But I think that the big "olifant" is a little bit ... too big!